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What truly makes us unique is our people: our residents, their families and our staff. Below are written accounts from some of our own who help to make Oakley Courts a great place to live.

“I love it here! The eats are good. I enjoy playing cards. Living at Oakley Courts is like having lots of brothers and sisters. All you have to do when you need help is push a button.”
Mildred P., Resident

“I love the people here, they are anxious to help. I have everything I need. There's always someone to talk to. The food is outstanding. How could I have life any better?”
Norma R., Resident

“This is my home away from home. I'm in better shape than when I arrived at Oakley. I don't have the cares and concerns of running a home we get a lot of TLC here.”
Marcella D., Resident

"I like the activities we have. Some I am familiar with, some are new, but I will try anything. I also enjoy the entertainment we have; there is such a variety. We can play cards afternoons or evenings. I'm ready whenever anybody wants to play."
Helen K., Resident

"It is a beautiful facility; our apartment is so bright and cheery. The staff is so caring and helpful, always trying to please. The food is absolutely delicious! We have a nice variety and it always looks attractive. There are lots of activities to take part in; we love EVERYTHING about Oakley Courts!"
Carol and Earl P, Residents

"There are so many reasons why I like living here at Oakley Courts. Not a day goes by when there isn't some type of entertainment. Hourly entertainment comes here which has been wonderful, and I enjoy Bingo and card games. The staff is nice, helpful and friendly and they were so very attentive when I was sick. It's safe, quiet, no noise at night and no car noise at night. Plus the staff prepares good meals for me too. When I add in my very nice room and the residents are like my second family, Oakley Courts definitely feels like my home away from home."
Belva B., Resident

"The atmosphere is the next best thing to being at home. The staff is caring and friendly. I enjoy spending time with newly made friends."
Lena S., Resident

"After being here for only one month, I've noticed the friendliness between the staff and the residents grows better each day. The kindness is much appreciated, thank you!"
Charlotte N., Resident

"I always tell my family ‘I feel like the queen living here at Oakley Courts.' The staff is so kind and caring, they bend over backwards to meet my needs on a daily basis. I have been living here for about four months, and the staff here at Oakley is beginning to feel like part of my family and I am so thankful to feel like a part of theirs."
Elsie K., Resident

"In the last six years I have been in three different nursing homes and Oakley Courts is by far the best. Here it is like a big happy family! The meals are wonderful and the staff is very caring and helpful. We have music and games to help pass the time."
Fern H., Resident

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